What here, KimBoo?

Welcome to the Scriptorium! House of York is my “publishing house,” so to speak, and this newsletter on Substack is all about my writerly errata and etcetera. I also publish free chapters here of fiction I’m working on.

Topics here in the Scriptorium:

  • General: Everything. All of it. The fire-hose of KimBoo’s brain!

  • The Task Mistress: All the Tasks Fit to Print: Productivity thoughts and advice for authors and other solopreneurs; updated every Thursday.

  • Storytelling in the Machine Age: Opinions about A.I., technology, and the history of text technology. Updated at least every Monday, sometimes more often.

  • The Queen’s Aerie: My ONGOING romance second-world fantasy story featuring dragon shifters and a polyamorous MMF thruple! Updated every Tuesday.

  • Transmigrated Teri: A work-in-progress story about a bitter GenX office lady who dies and wakes up in the world of her most beloved (and also most loathed) fantasy novel series...as the evil stepmother!

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Why here, KimBoo?

In early 2023 I decided to revive my career as an author. I had done pretty well by that back in 2012, but…well, for reasons we do not need to explore at this juncture, I reined myself in. Made myself small. Gave up my dreams.

But the stories remained and kept pestering me. What I love are the stories, and when I found a new platform, Ream, where I could share my stories, I breathed deeply for the first time in ten years. YES! I can do this!

So…why a separate blog called “The Scriptorium”? While I think Ream is a great platform for my fiction, I wanted a place to spread out and talk about a lot of different things, as is my wont. And here we are!

Membership here, KimBoo?

And what do YOU, dear reader, get out of it?

Mostly you get me, and updates on my work. This is the fully-public face of what I’m doing and it is freely available to everyone!

You can read everything I have at the Scriptorium for free, or subscribe to support me and my work (thank you!). If more-fiction-sooner is what you love, you can get early access to chapters, plus all of my backlist books, at House of York on Ream!

Please consider supporting me at either location! I am an independent and self-employed writer, so I rely on people like you to help keep my dog Keely-Boo well fed!

Who here, KimBoo?

I am an elder goth, elder GenX whose main life purpose is to provide my rescue mutt, Keely-Boo, a good life. 🐶

I am a professional writer, having my first book published in 2011, and have been publishing irregularly since then. I am also a librarian (M.L.I.S., 2012) with a background in archives and the history of text technology. I have been building websites since 1998 (remember frames? *shudders*) and left I.T. after the Dot Com Bubble burst mostly because of the misogyny and greed of the narcissistic CEOs I had the misfortune to work for. I worked in disability services for a large university as their accessible technology coordinator until I felt that the tech made my position obsolete and left. Somewhere in there I’ve driven taxi in Orlando for a couple of years, survived the deaths of my parents, got married then divorced, and also ended up homeless once. ….damn, I feel old. 😂

I’m also Jewish ✡, feminist ☿️, socialist 🌹, queer 🏳️‍🌈, anti-TERF and anti-MAGA. JSYK.

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Welcome to KimBoo's fiction, non-fiction, and rando musings on being a writer! House of York is my "publication arm" covering my many A.I.s (Authorial Intelligences), and the Scriptorium is the room in the house filled errata and etcetera!


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